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How do I get listed on Artemis?

Reach out via email or on Discord and we'll be able to walk you through the listing process.

What is your methodology for Developer Activity?

Weekly Commits:
  • The number of commits tagged to open-source repositories in a week. A commit is the smallest unit of work for developers and while there is variance in the size of a commit, this is typically a good proxy for developer productivity.
Weekly Active Developers:
  • The number of active developers tagged to open-source repositories in a week. A developer is considered active if they have pushed at least one commit during the week.
We source our list of repositories for each ecosystem from Electric Capital's Crypto Ecosystems project. Electric Capital releases an annual report, which has been much of the inspiration for this dashboard.
Data is updated every Wednesday.

What's the difference between a core developer and a sub-ecosystem developer?

A core developer works on the chain or protocol itself. For Ethereum, you can consider core developers as those working on the consensus protocol, Geth clients, or other Ethereum-specific primitives.
A sub-ecosystem developer works on top of the chain or protocol. For Ethereum, a sub-ecosystem developer may be an AAVE, Optimism, or a Metamask developer, since these applications are all built on top of Ethereum.