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Google Sheets add-on

If you have any issues with the Google sheets add-on, try the following steps as we've found them to be helpful in fixing most issues:
  • Hard refresh the worksheet using F5 or an equivalent key.
  • Clear your browser cache (if you're using Chrome, here's the instructions).
  • Load the sidebar from the drop down menu by clicking Extensions -> Artemis Sheets -> Getting Started.
  • Force a refresh in worksheet by adding or removing a column to the left of column A.
  • Try opening up a blank spreadsheet associated with your Artemis Sheet account. We've found most times a new blank sheet fixes most issues.
  • Create a copy of the troublesome spreadsheet (File -> Make a copy).
If the issues persist, please try the following
  • Logout from your Artemis account (Extensions -> Artemis Sheets -> Logout)
  • Uninstall the Artemis Sheets add-on
  • Clear Browser Cache
  • Install the add-on
  • Register your Artemis API key, if you have one (Extensions -> Artemis Sheets -> Register Artemis API Key)

Blank (white) sidebar

This error is usually generated by a browser extension which blocks cookies or interferes with the Artemis Sheets add-on.
Try these workarounds: - Install the Artemis Sheets add-on in a different browser - Turn off your browser extensions and check if the sidebar loads - Open google sheets in a Chrome incognito window, with cookies enabled (no extensions are loaded in an incognito window)
Here is how you can enable cookies in a Chrome incognito window:
  • click the top right cookies button
  • click the "Site not working?" link
  • click the "Allow cookies" button
  • the page will reload and the sidebar will show the login page

The only option in the add-on menu is Help

This error is usually generated by a temporary Google internal glitch. A few suggestions to try: - close and reopen the browser - reload the spreadsheet a few times - uninstall the Artemis Sheets add-on (Extensions -> Add-ons -> Manage add-ons -> click the Artemis Sheets top right three dot menu -> Uninstall), then clear browser cache, sign out of your google account, restart browser, sign in into google account and install the add-on - install the add-on in a different browser
If the above steps didn't fix your issues, please contact us at [email protected] and we'd be happy to help!