Getting a "Setup ended prematurely" message when installing


This happens because an error was encountered during installation.


If you don't get an additional message to this (like "Couldn't find Excel location!" or "Unsupported Excel version!"), then contact with information about your Windows/Excel versions.

If you get an additional message then check if you have Excel installed and if the version of the installed Excel is minimum 2016.

Getting an error message when opening Excel, after the add-in was installed, followed by scrambled text displayed in Excel.


This happens because the wrong bitness add-in file is loaded (32 bit add-in in Excel 64 bit or 64 bit add-in in Excel 32 bit).


While Artemis Sheets installer automatically detects what version of Excel is installed on your computer and loads the corresponding add-in file, if you get this error it can be fixed by following these steps:

  • Check the bitness of your Excel, by going to File -> Account -> About Excel

  • Open Registry Editor and navigate to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Excel\Options. To open Registry Editor, type regedit in Windows Run prompt (Win+R shortcut).

  • Locate the OPEN / OPENx key in the right panel that points to ArtemisSheets-AddIn-packedxx.xll.

  • If the number at the end of the file name (32 or 64) doesn't correspond with your Excel bitness, double-click this key and change this number to corresponding bitness. For example, if your Excel is 32 bit, change the file name in key value from ArtemisSheets-AddIn-packed64.xll to ArtemisSheets-AddIn-packed32.xll.

  • Restart Excel.

The Artemis Sheets toolbar is missing

If you don't see the Artemis Sheets toolbar in the Excel ribbon, check the following:

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