Refreshing Data

Google Sheets
Google Sheets does not allow plug-ins to automatically refresh data. The following methods can force Google Sheets to fetch new data.
1. Create a check-box in in A1. Do this by selecting Insert -> Checkbox
2. Update all ART function calls to include an additional parameter referencing this cell A1
For example, =ART("BTC", "PRICE", "2022-01-01")becomes
=ART("BTC", "PRICE", "2022-01-01", $A$1)
For fetching live price data, use a "" to make the parameter empty. For example, =ART("BTC", "PRICE") becomes:
=ART("BTC", "PRICE", "", $A$1)
3. Uncheck / recheck A1 to refresh data
Any time cell A1 is checked or unchecked, the data in the =ART cells will refresh.
Create / Delete Rows (less recommended)
If you create a new row that moves the location of a cell containing an ART function, the ART function will refresh. You can then immediately delete that row.
Refreshing data in Excel - use the Ribbon menu