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What is Artemis?

Institutional Data Platform for Digital Assets

What is Artemis?

Artemis is an institutional data platform for digital assets.
We source, transform, and aggregate blockchain data into streamlined insights for our users.

What does Artemis offer?


  • Easily compare and evaluate the performance of major blockchains across a variety of fundamental metrics
  • Identify trends in developer activity over time
  • Segment user behavior using the Activity Monitor to deeply understand behavior on major blockchains by categories, applications, and contracts.


  • Programmatically consume blockchain data in Google Sheets or Excel
  • Real-time updates directly in your spreadsheets from Artemis Terminal / CoinGecko / Dune / TokenTerminal
  • Pre-built templates including a screener, comps table, and valuation framework


  • Weekly recaps of the top events in crypto
  • Fundamental deep-dive research pieces (more to come soon!)


  • Programmatic REST access to the core Artemis datasets
  • Access to all of Artemis's core datasets via a private Snowflake Data Share
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